Notus Names “Best of Boats & Gear”

Every year, the largest commercial fisheries magazine in the USA, National Fisherman, makes a list of the best new technologies over the past year. Notus is proud to have two new technologies on this year’s list: Echo and Dredgemaster. Short excerpt’s from the original article are below.


National Fisherman excerpt: “A product that employs listening devices attached to the grate in a shrimp trawl. Interestingly enough, shrimp make a specific acoustic signal when they hit the grate, and this feedback can be sent to the pilot house. Measuring the signal allows the captain to calculate catch rates and avoid water tows. Go from fishing blind to fishing a certain number per hour.”


National Fisherman excerpt: “Newfoundland-based Notus introduced Dredgemaster which uses wireless sensors to measure [warp length], pitch and roll angles for improved dredging. With sensors mounted on the tow bar pitch can be adjusted.”