Customer Testimonials

I would not leave the harbour without the Trawlmaster. I see a lot of things I could not see before. The system picks up gear changes immediately. The last trip I broke a sweep and the system picked it up immediately – the spread on the net increased by a large amount. The Trawlmaster picked up small changes in the gear that you could not see from the towing chains. We can only say we are very satisfied with the Notus equipment.
— Skipper William Runcie
MV Ocean Challenge BF85, Twin Rig, Banff, Scotland
I fish Barry Faulkner’s vessel, the Celtic Venture. We installed a Trawlmaster system to monitor our twin rig gear. The measurements are accurate and we can see exactly how much to adjust the center wire. It has definitely reduced our fuel consumption.
— Patrick Smith
Celtic Venture, Twin Rig, Ireland
The Trawlmaster told me more about what was happening under the water. Notus also supported the Trawlmaster with fast and comprehensive service.
— Bill Hayden
Lady Theresa H, Shrimp Trawler, Canada
We on AAL 18 Seagull made a decision on a Notus Trawlmaster for twin and single trawl and we have now used the equipment for about two months. We can only say that we are very satisfied with the equipment, even with the twin trawl system as it functioned right away. We can see exactly how much we have to put out on the center wire to be sure that both trawls are going correctly.
— Leonnard Christensen
AAL 18 Seagul, Twin Rig, Denmark
I fish a 78 ft trawler for pollock and other species. I recently purchased the Notus system and have been using it at depths from 50 to 80 fathom. The system works very well, even in shallow water, and is very easy to use. NOTUS provided an affordable catch indication system that did what I needed.
— Marius Olsen
Captain M/V Enterprise, Mid Water Trawler, Alaska, USA
I’ve used the Seinemaster and found it useful in shallow water and bad bottom. It has kept my tear ups way down and shortened the set times. Also, water temperature information has proven useful and Notus have been good people to deal with.
— Scott Anderson
Nancy Jillian Purse Seiner
The result of heaving the middle wire back another 3 ft was remarkable ... we are delighted with its performance.
— Skipper David West
MV Amethyst, Twin Rig, Banff, United Kingdom
I have definitely learned a lot more about my gear since installing the Trawlmaster. We won’t tow on with the gear when the system says there is something wrong. The Trawlmaster is very accurate. We have reduced wasted time as the system picks up boulders in the codend, broken sweeps and meshing in the nets.
— Skipper Andrew Harrison
MV Atlas CN258, Twin Rig, Campbelton, Scotland
The Trawlmaster has provided us with critical information about our gear geometry and it is a system that we recommend to any dragger.
— Perry Burton
Newfoundland Princess, Shrimp Trawler, Canada
The Trawlmaster that we brought is doing its job. We have already become reliant on the system. It takes a lot of the thinking out of Twin Rig fishing. I would not hesitate in recommending it to any other fishermen.
— Skipper Scott Wharton
MV Our Joise Grace, Twin Rig, Brixham
I would not leave without the Trawlmaster.
— Frank Flemming
Lakeview Venture I, Shrimp Trawler, Canada
The system works very well at all depths from 5 fathoms to 30. The accuracy is also good when checking with measured lengths and we can accurately position the clump in relation to the doors no matter what the depth. I am very pleased and I shall be recommending the system to anyone who is interested.
— Nigel Hawker
Twin Rig, England
I use the Trawlmaster on a twin rig trawl. I am happy with the performance of the system. It has saved effort and worries on wire lengths and it is a useful tool for twin rigging.
— Ross Skinner
Aquarius, Twin Rig, United Kingdom
I used the [Gearfinder] transponder on my towed system. The first time I used it, it was of assistance since the cable was defective and broke. We used the [transponder] to help the divers find the towed body the next day.
— Dr. Dave Hebert
Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island