Echo For Shrimp Detection

Srhimp Detection

Echo for Shrimp Detection

Echo detecting shrimp, grate angle and temperature.

Echo Installed on a Shrimp Grate.

Shrimp Detection

Echo Graph For Shrimp Detection

Add Trawl Sensors

Easily Add Trawl Sensors

Echo will indicate where you are catching shrimp on a tow.  This is a game changer for any shrimp trawler!!

Shrimp make a sound when they hit the grate (or grid). As more shrimp go through the grate, the sound increases.  ECHO listens for this sound and transmits the data to the vessel in real-time.

Shrimp Detection
A condenser microphone listens to the shrimp hitting the grate.  A sensor transmits the information back to the vessel wirelessly.

  • Over a 3-4 hour tow, you are usually only catching shrimp for 15-45 mins.
  • See exactly where the shrimp volume is and go back over the same area.
  • Eliminates those “water tows” – bring the trawl back and all you catch is water.

Grate Angle & Temperature Upgrades
Add grid angle and temperature.

  • Add grate angle to ensure your grate is at the right angle every tow!
  • Grate angle will indicate when the cod-end is full.
  • Temperature will help you find bigger shrimp.

Video introduction to Echo below.

Echo Results on FV Mistasea