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Welcome to Notus.  If you are interested in increasing the performance of your trawl or purse seine, you have reached the right site.  Notus is a world leader in net monitoring systems and offers products and services that are unmatched in the industry.  To date, over 600 systems have been delivered.


Notus develops and supplies wireless sensors for monitoring trawls and purse seines.  The company incorporates a unique transponder based technology in all the products.  For the Captain, this provides the ability to measure the trawl wires, find lost gear and make adjustments in cross currents.  For more information, click below.

Trawlmaster for Single Trawls

The trawl sensors in the Trawlmaster will give critical answers to: if the doors are aligned, if the trawl is spread, if the trawl is on bottom….

Trawlmaster for Twin Trawls

With 2 trawls, Trawlmaster trawl sensors will answer questions like:  are the trawls spread the same, is the clump aligned with the doors, is the clump on bottom…


Trawlmaster for Multi Rigs Trawls

Notus trawl sensors can be arranged to monitor any trawl gear.  Therefore, whether you are towing 3 trawls or 4 trawls Notus has a net monitoring solution.


On a purse seiner, ensure the seine is around the fish before you purse and reduce tear ups.

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