Dredge Installation1
Dredge Installation

A wireless monitoring system for scallop dredges.  Small robust sensors are installed on the dredge. Vital dredge angle and distance information are transmitted to the vessel.  Find the dredges sweet spot (the angle where it catches the best).



Pitch Angle
This is the forward and backward lean of the dredge.

  • If the pitch angle is incorrect the dredge does not dig into the bottom correctly.
  • The two most important factors effecting pitch angle is vessel speed and warp out.
  • Too much warp out and the dredge pitches down too much and catches too much debris.
  • Too little warp out and the dredge pitches up and catch is greatly reduced.

Warp Measurement
Indicates the exact amount of wire let out on each dredge.

  • Allows you to set out a precise length of wire. For example, easily set out 125 fa of wire to get a precise pitch angle on the dredges.
Dredge Pitch Angle

Heel Angle
This is the side tilt of the dredge.

  • See instantly if the dredge begins to tip over.
  • Know if you are on the side of a bank or in a valley.
Dredge Roll Angle