Trawlmaster Introduction

Trawlmaster Door Angle Sensor

Trawlmaster Onboard a Danish Trawler

Notus Bottom Contact Sensor for Trawlers

Trawlmaster for Double Trawls

Trawlmaster Door Height

Tour of Notus Headquarters Height

Seinemaster for Seiners

Trawl Alignment Sensor

Customer Focus Spain

Underwater Shrimp Video

Dredgemaster for Scallop Dredges

Controllable Trawl Doors

Pair Trawl Software

Quad Rig Trawling

Notus Net Sounder

Vessel for the Future

How is Notus Different

How Captains Use Dredgemaster

20 Year Old Notus System

Echo Introduction

Double Rigger (Echo and Door Sensors)

Shrimp Detection

Echo at the International Prawn Forum

Customer Focus: Tuna Seiner