Seinemaster With Sensors

Sensor in Floats
Omni Hull Mount
Seinemaster 3.3
Command Unit

Is my seine around the fish?  Am I going to tear up on the bottom?  Have currents pushed the lead line further away?  The Seinemaster provides answers by attaching small robust purse seine sensors to gear.  All information is transmitted to the vessel wirelessly.


The distance from the surface to the sensor.

  • Ensures you are around the fish before you purse.
  • Avoid hookups on the bottom.
  • Sink rate tells you how fast the seine is sinking.
Seinemaster With Sensors

Cork Line / Lead Line Alignment
A precise distance is provided to the cork line and to the lead line.

  • Instantly see if currents are pushing the lead line away from the vessel.
  • The cork line / lead line alignment will indicate if the floats are in line with the lead line. Fish will escape a misaligned seine!
  • Provides a much better picture of what the seine looks like under the water.
Seinemaster 3.3 Snippet

Find the relationship between temperature and catch

  • Storing fish at a similar temperature as the sea water increases quality.
360 Sensor