Alaskan Skipper Sees Great Benefits from Notus

Notus Electronics Ltd. (Notus) of Canada is a supplier of advanced trawl monitoring solutions. With over 400 trawl monitoring systems delivered worldwide, Notus is a well known solution in many of the world’s fisheries. In December
2008, Notus installed a Trawlmaster system on the FV Chellissa which fishes out of Alaska.

The Chellissa installed a Notus Trawlmaster to monitor…

Notus Customer FV Maggie M reports….“450T in 10 weeks fishing in the North Sea”

Bob Mainprize skippers and owns the Maggie M, a trawler fishing in the North Sea.  Bob installed a Notus trawl monitoring system to monitor his single and twin rig gear over two years ago.  On the twin rig gear, Notus monitors the spread on each net, measure the three trawl wires, calculates the middle wire adjustment and monitors catch in the cod-end.  Notus recently received t…


Notus UK Ltd will now supply and service the Trawlmaster trawl monitoring system to Ireland. This system has been installed on 100+ twin riggers in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. Notus UK’s area was expanded due to growing inquiries from Irish skippers.

The Notus Trawlmaster has been the #1 trawl monitoring solution for twin riggers in the UK for some time. A typical twin rig…

Notus Enhances Software for Researchers

Notus is a manufacturer of advanced trawl mensuration systems.  An increasing number of researchers are using Notus due to small sensors (5 lbs air), ability to measure the trawl wires (plus all other trawl parameters), and serviceability of sensors.  Now Notus’s software has been updated to better meet the needs of researchers.


Every piece of data is time stamped,…


For some time, the Notus Trawlmaster has been the trawl monitoring system of choice for some European and Canadian fisheries. Now there is an ever increasing number of US trawlers installing Notus. In 2006 Notus installed systems in Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York.

A typical system installed in the US is monitoring doorspread, headline height,…

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