Interview With Captain in New Zealand

The below video is a perfect example of how Notus can contribute to the overall fishing operation.  The video was created by Marintec, the Notus distributor in New Zealand.  This is mainly an interview with Captain Ant Smith of the FV Donna Maria out of Port Chalmers, New Zealand.  Many thanks to Captain Smith and Marintec for sharing their…

Tradeshows in 2017

See Notus at these shows in 2017
Commercial Marine Expo, Providence RI USA: March 15-16, 2017

Skipper Expo Int., Aberdeen, Scotland: May 26-27, 2017

DanFish International, Aalborg, Denmark, Oct 11-13, 2017

Pacific Marine Expo, Seattle WA USA: November…

New Notus Command Center

Some of the largest fisheries research organizations in the world use Notus sensors in their stock assessments and in trawl gear modification projects.  The Notus Command Center addresses the needs for portability, ease of access and ruggedness for these users.  This all-in-one Pelican encased unit includes: a command unit, ruggedized computer and touch screen display.

Connect AC power and a…

New Pair Trawl Software

Notus has released new pair trawl software available in Trawlmaster 3.3. Using Notus’s Active Wireless Technology, the alignment of the wing-ends is easily calculated.  The video is based on data from Spanish pair trawlers with over 2 km of main war…


The Dredgemaster is the world’s first wireless monitoring system for scallop dredges. The product was developed by Notus Electronics.

The CB Keane fishes out of New Jersey and is captained by Kirk Larson Jr. The steel vessel measures 78’ x 26’ and uses two scallop dredges towed.

A hydrophone communicates wirelessly to sensors on the dredge. The following information is seen in…

Controllable Trawl Door Milestone

Notus and Polar of Iceland have partnered to develop controllable trawl doors that are wirelessly controlled from the ship. A major milestone has been achieved in the project as controllable trawl doors were used in active fishing operations onboard an Icelandic trawler.

The doors are constructed from aerodynamic shaped wings. By moving the door wings, water flow can be changed which allows…

Triple Rigging With Notus Down Under

Notus has provided trawl monitoring solutions for every type of trawl. The technology has been specifically developed for those vessels multi rig trawling as EACH individual net for twin, triple and quad rigs is monitored. Recently, Shark Bay Seafoods of South Fremantle, Australia installed a Notus Trawlmaster on its deep-water triple rig trawler. The Captain and Fleet Manager seen an immediat…

Shows in 2016

Notus will be exhibiting at the following shows in 2016:

Commercial Marine Expo (New Bedford, MA USA): April 27-28, 2016

Skipper Expo Aberdeen (Aberdeen, UK): May 27-28, 2016

Pacific Marine Expo (Seattle, WA USA): November 2016

North Atlantic Fish Show (St. John’s, NL Canada): November 18-19,…

Dredgemaster: The World’s First Real Time Monitoring for Scallop Dredges

Dredge Pitch Angle

DREDGEMASTER: The World First Wireless Monitoring System for Scallop Dredges
Notus Electronic Ltd. (Notus) has been supplying wireless sensors to the commercial fishing industry for 22 years. Notus has just released the Dredgemaster, a wireless sensor system for monitoring the warp length, pith angle and roll angle of a scallop dredge. The system was developed by working with scallop vessels in…

Upcoming Events

Notus will be exhibiting at the following shows in 2015…

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