Meet Our Team

Bradley Henderson – Managing Director.  Brad established Notus in 1992.  He is an acoustics engineer and has been involved with hydro-acoustic design since 1982.  In the early days, Brad installed many of the systems that Notus delivered.  Although Notus is much larger now, Brad still installs some systems throughout the year to stay in touch with captains and their operation.

Francis Parrott – Marketing Manager.  Francis has been with Notus since 1997.  He holds an MBA and is from a fishing family.  He oversees most of the company’s marketing and business development initiatives.  Francis also works directly with captains to improve their fishing and to get the most of the system.

José M. García Lago – Manager Notus España. Jose has been involved in the fishing industry his entire life.  He worked his way from deck hand to captain in a very short period of time.  As well, Jose has also been involved with technical projects around the world aiming to increase fishing efficiency.

Jim Hall – Systems Support Manager.  Jim has been involved in the net monitoring industry for more than 30 years.  He brings a unique blend of experience to Notus as he has been in capacities of harvester to senior management.  Jim has an important leadership role at Notus and has major input on the business and technical direction of the company.

Susan Crocker – Electronic Technologist. Susan has been with Notus since 2012. She is a certified Electronics Technologists with a Bachelor of Technology Degree. Susan oversees the repairs department at Notus and regularly preforms installations on customer vessels. She also works with the Engineering team on new R & D projects. She’s been working in the underwater acoustic industry since 2008.